5.3 billion phones: you can do this with an old device

5.3 billion phones will be thrown away in 2022. A staggering number, of which only 20 percent is ultimately recycled, say experts at the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Forum. This estimate is based on worldwide trade data. What happens to the other 80 percent? They usually end up in people’s drawers for years. A shame, because at some point the phone will no longer be supported with updates. These 10 things you can do with your old phone.
1. Marketplace
Give your old phone a second life via, for example, Marktplaats or a local CEX store. You also get some money for it, which you can spend on a beer in the pub or a good screen protector for your current phone. Even a broken phone can easily be given a second life via Marktplaats, because some people are extremely handy in fixing a broken screen, for example, or know someone who can arrange that. Plus: if you play it smart, someone will just pick up the device from you and you don’t have to drive to the recycling center.

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