Over the weekend of August , a few days prior to the full launch of the expansion, players had the opportunity to attend special Pre-Release Fireside Gatherings in select locations around the world, allowing them to open their The Boomsday Project card packs early and play with the cards from the new expansion in special Fireside Brawls. October 25, at 2: The extra Mechs you generate, or the 3 damage removal that can save one from your hand etc. I need a hard counter deck for Even Paladin. Where the hell did you get 5 free legendaries from gadtezan? While you CAN play it for 5 mana without Magnetizing into anything, and you will often do that, it works best if you have a Mech on the board already.

Those matchups do run lots of threats, but you can still clear everything and win the game like that. Cons Same decks every game longer games less gold harder to complete quests boredom after playing the same way x the same decks takes longer to get golden heroes. You prefer to just Hero Power and then save Shield Block for when you can play both. January 8, at 9: It seems like your only mission is to have people play your own shit: He might be forced to play sub-optimally, because otherwise you will just run his minions into each other.

I know there isn’t a perfect matchmaking system in any game so one should expect one-sided matches from time to time but getting beaten repeatedly by farmers wasn’t fun at all.

All that being said May 19, at 8: April 11, at 5: September 14, at May I suggest trying out Cube Warlock? June 9, at 1: The credit on the deck should go to Hoej, as he is the originator of the deck, while Fr0zen played it to Rank 1. Any help to climb to Legend?

I dont use elise nor Darius. Will giggling inventor still be used in this deck after nerfs? Also I would keep running two Owls and two Hatchlings, as I face a lot of priests lately.


April 27, at U could do it in half an hour of play after the reset with any average decent deck. April 9, at 8: In my case, a strong starting hand would be a Mountain Giant on turn 4.

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I love secret hunter i reccomend this deck its soo good its not that good againts odd pali but like what can i do if i vet bad draw its hell and how can i get more draw bcs subject 9 its not enough.

The League of Explorers. The meta is the ladder, the ladder is the meta. It seems like a good value generator fo such a slow deck but for some reason is not appearing much in odd warrior decks. The best example would probably be Mecha’thun warrrior or Exodia Paladin. November 9, at 1: I really hate the Meta. Last edited by kendallsg on Jun 15, Lab Logs Part 1. It does a great job at beating the Warriors and other decks of the meta, but struggles against Zoo and Shaman.

This deck aims to close out games in the first turns by means of pushing minion damage. Coupled with a few of Warrior’s “burn” spells and weapons, Pirate Warrior can easily start an aggressive onslaught. Feel free hwarthstoneultra check out my twitter and twitch stream, I stream my ranked play on a regular basis. May 16, at 8: I pray for a Comeback in the new expansion.

The old favorite has returned in Miracle Rogue, the classic combo deck using Gadgetzan Auctioneer to draw through the whole of your deck to your win condition. November 8, at 5: And by turn 7 they concede.

Odd Warrior Deck List Guide – Rastakhan’s Rumble – February – Hearthstone Top Decks

October 23, at Yogg is card that can steal games if you’re warriof. We pick out the best decks from each archetype, and then Stonekeep who is a legend player will play it and write a guide about it. A pioneer of the Midrange Hunter, he aspires to consistent and cutting-edge new warriior while also perfecting the old.


Not unlike a hatch of baby turtles, hearthsroneultra are thousands of noobs hanging around R20, enough to be fed upon by the predators — the “circle of life” as they call it. Things will be changing quickly once it is released! I have always thought of the Meta Snapshot as beeing very accurate and well thought out. Druid’s access to an abundance of taunt minions and the ability to ramp them out quickly makes reaching the late game much easier than other C’Thun decks.

Hearthstone Meta Tier List – The Best Standard Meta Decks (February 2019)

Boom as a central character. And sadly most of the cards are simply necessary to run it. That’s what I got to.

Many others here struggled their way to a better rank and collection including myself and not everyone shares your opinion about the matter. The ability to heal back to full life is great against any opponent, whether they are an Aggro or Control deck.

I my opinion, I say let people try to farm rank August 17, at 4: So…take that as you will.

Tier 1 Decks Odd Paladin The deck was heavily nerfed in the first Rastakhan nerf patch, because it lost one of its biggest win conditions Level Up! Competitive decks that have a few slight weaknesses e.

In the most simple terms possible, Freeze Mage revolves around cycling through your deck, drawing Alexstrasza, and then using burn spells to kill your opponent.